Israel Dansa


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He has a lot of spiritual sons and daughters to spread Gospel across the world. According to the word of God in the bible he cultivates, empowers and shares the anointing of God vested in him to them without limit. (Mark 16:15). ...and he said unto them, Go ye into the entire world, and preach the gospel to every creature.
He paves and gives physical and spiritual life direction to his spiritual sons and daughters, Such as marriage and other many blessings.

How Jesus Wonderful Church came into being, and what the future holds for the entire ministry. “There is no theatrics in our Church,” he says, “because, from my background, I don’t like anything that is turned into a show or drama. Some pastors like the drama rather than the results. I want the results rather than drama. I have also looked at the ministry of Jesus Christ, and I want as much as possible to follow the life and ministry of Jesus Christ. “So, in the relationship and interaction with people, and the life I live, I want it to be the life of Jesus Christ.  I want the Jesus type of ministry.  I don’t want anything fake.”

Apostle Israel Dаnѕа laid down an academic blueprint whose degree remains outstanding. His life is a living proof that all power belongs to God. His life, zeal, commitment and passion to the heavenly vision, in particular, his quest to see that human beings are delivered from the shackles of the enemy made him outstanding among his pearls. The call to begin the mіnіѕtrу came when he was at a crossroad in his life, and he was confused as to the will of God for him.

He is lovely, and does not have a larger-than-life character. He does not dominate, nor has he accrued power to himself. He walks slowly, is relaxed, and has a gentle sense of honor with a warm smile and a twinkle in his eyes. He dresses simply, eats simply and could have assumed titles to himself. As the Jesus Wonderful Church developed – most people enjoy the trappings and regalia of status which followers gladly give. But he calls his followers brothers and sisters and treats them as colleagues.

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